OcteVue LLC: Picosecond On-Chip Diagnostics

Techniques and circuits for making on-chip measurements with picosecond precision

Contact: mketchen@octevue.com

 Get temporal performance information at the device level early to avoid surprises at the system level later

ps circuit diagnostics While device level activity on today’s microelectronic chips takes place on the ps timescale, information on this activity is most frequently deduced from the integrated performance of an aggregate system over a longer time period. With this approach important features at the device level can be obscured or missed altogether, only to emerge later in an exaggerated and detrimental way under certain operating conditions. One way to avoid this ambiguity is to integrate on-chip measurement capability, either embedded in a system or through dedicated test structures, that provides device level temporal information.

Through much of his career at IBM Dr. Ketchen has worked with digital devices that switch on the ps timescale, beginning with Josephson devices in the late 1970s and continuing on through today’s highly scaled CMOS devices. He has been personally involved in development and application of a number of techniques for obtaining time domain data at the individual device level. These techniques range from optoelectronic sampling with special probes, to integrated on-chip samplers, to differencing techniques where sub-ps detail is revealed using on-chip circuitry in combination with off the shelf measurement equipment. The concepts and generality of such approaches have proven to be surprisingly time and technology independent!

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