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Mark B Ketchen: Selected Publications

1. Schiessl D, Kirtley JR, Paulius L, Rosenberg AJ, Palmstrom JC, Ullah RR, Holland CM, Fung Y-K-K, Ketchen MB , Gibson GW, Moler KA (2016) Determining the vibrations between sensor and sample in SQUID microscopy. Appl Phys Lett 109: 232601 Cover Article

2. Kirtley JR, Paulius L, Rosenberg AJ, Palmstrom JC, Schiessl D, Jermain CL, Gibbons J, Holland CM, Fung Y-K-K, Huber ME, Ketchen MB , Ralph DC, Gibson GW, Moler KA (2016) The response of small SQUID pickup loops to magnetic fields. Supercond Sci Tech 29: 124001

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4. Fung Y K-K, Gibson GW, Bulzacchelli JF, Polonsky S, Ketchen MB (2013) Direct measurement of jitter in a JTL. IEEE Transactions on Appl Sup 23: 1701405

5. Chow JM, Gambetta JM, C’orcoles AD, Merkel ST, Smolin JA, Rigetti C, Poletto S, Keefe GA, Rothwell MB, Rozen JR, Ketchen MB, Steffen M (2012) Complete universal quantum gate set approaching fault-tolerant thresholds with superconducting qubits. Phys Rev Lett 109: 060501

6. Polonsky S, Realov S, Liao J-H, Hargrove M, Ketchen MB (2012) Combined C-V/I-V Front-End-of-Live Measurement. Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE international conference on microelectronic test structures, 2012, pp 241-244

7. Gallagher WJ, Harris EP, Ketchen MB (2012), Superconductivity at IBM – a Centennial Review: Part I – Superconducting Computer and Device Applications. European Superconductivity News Forum, 21, July, 2012, retrieved October 16, 2012 at http://www.ewh.ieee.org/tc/csc/europe/newsforum/pdf/RN28-1.pdf (also to be included in a future book to be published by IEEE)

8. Rigetti C, Poletto S, Gambetta JM, Plourde BLT, Chow JA, Corcoles AD, Smolin JA, Merkel ST, Rozen JR, Keefe GA, Rothwell MB, Ketchen MB, Steffen M (2012) Superconducting qubit in copper waveguide cavity with coherence time approaching 0.1ms, Phys. Rev. B, 100506(R)

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22. Bhushan M, Ketchen MB, Polonsky S, Gattiker A (2006) Ring oscillator technique for measuring variability statistics. Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE international conference on microelectronic test structures, 2006, pp 87-93
Best paper award

23. Ketchen MB, Bhushan M, Pearson DJ (2005) High speed test structures for in-line process monitoring and model calibration. Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE international conference on microelectronic test structures, 2005, pp 33-38
Best paper award

24. Ketchen MB, Bhushan M, Anderson CJ (2004) Circuit and technique for characterizing switching delay history effects in silicon-on-insulator logic gates. Rev Sci Instrum 75: 768-771

25. Stellari F, Song P, Tsang JC, McManus MK, Ketchen MB (2004) Testing and Diagnostics of CMOS Circuits using Light Emission from Off-State Leakage Current, IEEE Trans ED-51: 1455-1462
2004 IEEE Paul Rappaport Award as best IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices paper in 2004

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30. Bulzacchelli JF, Lee HS, Misewich JA, Ketchen MB (2002) Superconducting bandpass delta-sigma modulator with 2.23-GHz center frequency and 42.6-GHz sampling rate. IEEE J of Solid-State Circuits 37: 1695-1702
Best student paper award as presented at 2002 IEEE international solid state circuits conference, ISSCC

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